February 14, 1990: Voyager 1 captures the Pale Blue Dot, a breathtaking view of Earth from a staggering 6 billion kilometers away. A profound reminder of our place in the universe. 🌍✨

November 21, 2023: The Pale Blue Dot is sent back to space to be enhanced by OPS-SAT-1’s onboard Generative AI. It is downlinked back to Earth as the Denoised Blue Dot (this time from approximately 440 kilometers away).

The Pale Blue Dot The Denoised Blue Dot
The Pale Blue Dot: picture taken by Voyager 1, capturing our world in a single pixel.
The Denoised Blue Dot: enhanced from OPS-SAT-1, showcasing clarity brought by onboard AI.

Download the image from the experiment’s GitHub repo.

Read more about this experiment in the upcoming pre-print for the IEEE AeroConf in March 2024, stay tuned!

Big thanks to the OPS-SAT Mission Control Team for always being so keen on flying my experiments! Apply to fly your own experiments onboard the OPS-SAT-1 Space Lab.

A version of this post was first published on LinkedIn.