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Folks, I got to go on stage two more times at the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat) in Logan, Utah, and it was awesome! It has certainly been a busy year full of groundbreaking experiments on-board the OPS-SAT spacecraft. Lots of incredible missions out there and it was great to interact with the people who are pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve with small satellites.

Our paper on OPS-SAT-1 LEOP and Commissioing reads like an adventure book!

A big thank you to my co-authors David Evans, Tom Mladenov, Dominik Marszk, Vladimir Zelenevskiy, and Vasundhara Shiradhonkar for getting our paper published:

Evans, D., Labrèche, G., Mladenov, T., Marszk, D., Zelenevskiy, V., & Shiradhonkar, V. (2022). OPS-SAT LEOP and Commissioning: Running a Nanosatellite Project in a Space Agency Context. Proceedings of the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference. https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/smallsat/2022/all2022/113/

Presenting our implementations of the CCSDS data compression standard 124.0-B-1 and POCKET+ onboard OPS-SAT-1.

Additionally, a massive thanks to Sam Bammens, Miguel Hernández-Cabronero, Milenko Starcik, and Maximilian Henkel for another published paper:

Evans, D., Labrèche, G., Marszk, D., Bammens, S., Hernández-Cabronero, M., Zelenevskiy, V., Shiradhonkar, V., Starcik, M., & Henkel, M. (2022). Implementing the New CCSDS Housekeeping Data Compression Standard 124.0-B-1 (based on POCKET+) on OPS-SAT-1. Proceedings of the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference. https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/smallsat/2022/all2022/133/

Thank you Pau Molas-Roca and Boris Segret for the pictures. Be sure to look up their amazing work!

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